Promo & Campaigns

Every client can  get up to 50 € discount for Vacation Rental Script in exchange for a new/update language pack translation.

Before making the translation please contact us.


To take part in the campaign, please do the following:

1. Download and install the Vacation Rental Script  demo version .  ( recommended in order you to test your translation ) ( click here to download the demo version )

2. The language files are located in the /languages folder . ( click here to download the english language pack )

Make a new folder in the languages directory. ( eg. /languages/spanish ).

Copy the files located in /languages/english to the new created folder /languages/spanish.

Your languages directory should look now like this :


|___ /english

|___ /french

|___ /spanish

|__ globals.php

|__ email.php

|__ db.php

Open each file located in /languages/spanish/  with any text editor ( recommended Notepad ++) and make the translation .

When you save the file don't forget to save it UTF-8 encoded without BOM.

For more info please check the "Languages" section from the manual .


3. Make a .zip archive with the /languages/spanish directory and send it to : support[at] for review and approval.

4. Once the translation is approved, you will receive your discount.

For further info about our promo campaigns please contact us