Terms of Sale by Radu C.V. I.I.

Last update: May.24, 2018

Vacation Rental Script v.7R

General Description

The Vacation Rental Script package includes the following items and services:

  • Ioncube Encrypted files
  • 1,6 or 12 months of free tech support ( Learn more
  • Free installation (server must meet  Minimum Server requirements )
  • Un-branding in a form of a Free Powered By Link Removal Option (remove the links yourself or contact Support for assistance);
  • Help and manual.
  • The customer has to ensure that the server the software will be installed to meets the minimum server requirements. Vacation Rental Script Support is not responsible for bringing customer's server to compliance.


    The software can be delivered in the following formats:

    • As a downloadable file archive containing a zipped copy of all software files
    • Also, the customer can download his/her permanent license  at a later date free of charge.

    Guarantee, Refund, Transfer

    By purchasing or using the software, you acknowledge that you have exercised due diligence in ascertaining that the software will run on your intended system. You further acknowledge that the Software meets your requirements and expectations, having reviewed the software's operation on the demo web sites based on the software.

    To ensure customer satisfaction and protection of your interests as a buyer, we offer several options to recover some or all the funds in the event you are not 100% satisfied with our products. Such options include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Partial/Full Refund - partial or full return of your money;
    • Transfer - sale or transfer of the existing license from one owner to another.

      Refund / Transfer Terms for the Vacation Rental Script:

      You are eligible for a Full refund in case:
      1. You have paid the full price for the package; and
      2. You requested the refund within 24 hrs following the payment; and/or
      3. You have not received permanent license for your installation.
      You are eligible for a partial refund (price less processing and banking fees) in case :
      1. You have paid the full price for the package; and
      2. You requested the refund after the 24-hr period following the payment; or
      3. You have already received permanent license for your installation.
      You are not eligible for a refund if:
      1. You have received a discount/rebate/promotion for the package; or
      2. Your hosting account environment is not compatible with our minimum system requirements; or
      3. Your business model is not compatible with software features/logic (that's what demos are for).